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The Housewarming

Dec. 25, 2019

The Housewarming

A new relocation of the headquarter of Hengchoi Group was happening before Christmas Eve in 2019. It is the second time that Hengchoi Group moved into a new place since 2007. The housewarming party and the annual meeting were scheduled at Christmas.


The new headquarter of Hengchoi Group is settled in Floor 19th, Jinchang Garden Office Building, Chencun, Shunde Districk, Foshan, China. The office covers an area of 1,0002 in the biggest stainless-steel-sheet industry base of China. Different kinds of art stainless steel sheets were used to decorated the new office in Jinchang Garden. A sense of dignity and mystery was given by the hairline black stainless steel plates; the baseboard was decorated with 8k mirror ti-gold, protecting the bottom of the wall. Art stainless steel sheets are everywhere in this building.


The housewarming party is held on Christmas morning. Mr. Peng Weicheng, the president of Hengchoi Group, attended this ceremony. It is always pleasure to greet friends from afar. Hundreds distinguish guests came for this exalted ceremony; Mr. Dai Cuhui, the president of Hongwang Group, was invited to participate in the annul meeting.


There is an excellent Chinese traditional performance for the housewarming party-Lion dancing. On one hand, lion dance means a blessing and good fortune in Chinese folk art; on the other hand, it is performed by a team with tacit cooperation, and there is no way to complete it but thousand times of practices. Look back at the past 13 years, the team spirit leads us forward all the way.





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